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A Night at the Museum – Rather not

Samstag, 10.10.2015

History in year nine deals with the topic of the Industrial Revolution. This means getting to know and discussing inventions like James Watt’s steam engine, mechanical weaving looms as well as living and working conditions of children and workers’ families in the 18th and 19th century.

The “Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit” in Mannheim is a place where you can get first-hand information on the subject and that is why three students of our Bili-History group planned and organized a project in the museum.

The central question we were supposed to deal with were the changes concerning the working and living conditions of adults, children and families during the Industrial Revolution.

After several visits to the museum in our small team of three we were the ‘guides’ to show and explain to the whole Bili-group some of the main objects exposed; e.a. the steam engine, hand looms, mechanical waving machines, bathtubs etc. from the time of the Industrial Revolution. In addition we had prepared information on the way (school-)education for working-class children was arranged and what the living conditions in workers’ flats were like.

A quiz finally summarized the main ideas of our guided tour. We had spent an interesting afternoon at the LTA Mannheim and left early enough, so we were sure that we would not get locked in and there was no danger of another episode of “A Night at the Museum” with 20 Bili-students from the Bach-Gymnasium.

Geschichte Bilingual

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